Colourful presentation


Colourful presentation is a project done for my mentor and great friend of mine, Stella. it is a Jamstack app built with React and powered by Strapi. People can find code snippets, useful links and guides related to a tech field. It is hosted completely free thanks to Heroku - Netlify - Mongo Atlas - Cloudinary.


  • React
  • Gatsby
  • Strapi
  • Heroku
  • Netlify


The purpose was to create a website where Stella could store and showcase her experience as an educator.


I chose Gatsby for the front-end because static apps are simply, blazingly fast and can be hosted for free on Netlify. Strapi is hosted for free on Heroku, and is also connected with Mongo Atlas and Cloudinary. Netlify automatically deploys via web hooks triggers.


Colourful presentation underwent many updates throughout its development. It started off back in 2019, with a completely different UI and no server to store data - every page was hard-coded. The first server was a Nodejs API, however, Strapi was finally chosen because it makes it really easy to setup and scale an API.

This project's development helped me appreciate refactoring and test new technologies.

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